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Professional careers can be non-linear, criss-crossing many segments of the industry. This information is relevant for hiring
managers and recruiters


Build your RIGS with the 5-step data entry process

General data entry is via pull-down menus, to minimize manual labor. Just point and click. Available selections become more comprehensive with greater user population, thereby accelerating the RIGS completion time

Bio: education, total industry experience, citizenship
Experience Synthesis: job assignments, practice of professional disciplines, and exposure to projects
Value-Chain: project experience across maturation phases
Technical Discipline , Skills, & Competency: link discplines and projects, add skills and associated competencies
Non-Technical Disciplines, Skills, & Competency: Economic, Commercial, Organizational, Political discipline experience, add skills and associated competencies

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You can be specific with job location, employment type, work-style preferences and your availability to start. Privacy preferences allow you to control how and where you want to be seen on the HireFast platform. Entering the compensation preferences is optional. This information is relevant for
hiring managers and when building
on-demand integrated teams


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