What is the RIGS?

The RIGS is an innovative proprietary technology that graphically shows the candidate’s experience and skills in a standardized, organized format, with content most coveted by the decision makers across our industry. Created digitally, it is also ideally suited to leverage AI and Machine Learning.

Why is that important?

This is important because it helps industry professionals better highlight their experience and skills so that hiring managers can find the right candidate quickly.

Who is the RIGS for?

The RIGS helps three connected groups:

Oil & Gas Professionals who want to further their career as subject matter experts, consultants, advisors, or technical experts.
Hiring Managers who want a go-to source for finding the right candidate or team quickly and easily.
Service Providers who want to show-case their capabilities and list their professionals and teams with OilEnergyPro for consultancy engagements

Key Standardization Dimensions

Bio Section

Career Snapshot, Top-3 Accomplishments and Discipline Focus Areas

Experience Synthesis

Upstream Value-Chain Experience

Top Technical & Non-Technical Disciplines, Skills, and Competency

Global Project Knowledge and Subject-Matter Experience

Bio Section


The primary focus of this section is to underscore the total industry experience and educational background. No other confidential or personal information is shown

Career Snapshot


This section underscores the most important aspects of your professional career and aspirations that you want a hiring manager to know. The top-3 accomplishments should inform your commitment to delivery and performance. Top- 3 disciplines underscore your core areas of expertise and skills

Experience Synthesis


This section highlight your career trajectory, leadership roles, industry market segment exposure, and global / cultural exposure

y axis text

Value-Chain Experience Concentration / Diversification


This axis shows total time (in years) spent in any given phase. And the most recent year the
professional was in that phase. It underscores the recency aspect of your experience

The Value Chain Concentration illustrates expertise across the 14 stages of the upstream lifecycle. A professional may be a ``jack of all trades`` or specialized with deep knowledge in Project Execution, for example. Value-chain phase concentration or diversification is a key criterion for candidate selection, as he or she will be expected to hit the ground running

Top Disciplines, Skills, and Competency


Standardized Structure


We can also see the total years spent practicing a specific discipline along with the most recent year of practice

This section summarizes your top-3 Technical disciplines, associated skills, and self-assesed level of competency per skill. The non-Technical disciplines encompass Economic, Commercial, Organizational, and Political (Stakeholder Engagement experience across different parts of the world)

Global Project Knowledge & Subject Matter Experience


Additional Key Dimensions

Operating Environment: Onshore vs. Offshore
Asset Class: Producing Fields vs. Projects (Green / Brown)
Industry Background: Operator vs. Service Provider

Experience in operating producing fields or executing projects across different geographies & environment can be vital to the success of a company. Diverse and unique technology, local laws including local content, culture, logistics, HSS&E, and exceptional stakeholder engagement requirements can add considerable complexity & risk to operations.

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