Energy in Transition


Oil & Gas Professionals are facing unprecedent transformational
challenge as our planet transitions away from fossil-fuel


Oil & Gas Industry Petroleum Engineering Enrollment Trends

Significant reduction in Petroleum Engineering graduates will result in higher retention of existing professionals but at a lower cost. Experience and knowledge in conjunction with technology will become more relevant in sustaining producing assets and extracting greater value across the upstream value-chain. Approach to employment will shift heavily towards on-demand contracting that is cost effective and flexible. It will no longer be competitive to building large internal company staff. Traditional hiring practices are already approaching obsolescence; they take too long and costly.


Industry-wide standardization in how we measure experience, knowledge, and skills will be fundamental to such a
transformation. The traditional resume must also transform so it takes seconds and not hours or days for decision
makers, to screen a candidate on the minimum required technical skills. Further, candidate screening methods such as the
Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that rely on keyword searches are easily fooled by clever keyword manipulation in the
resumes or in the online profiles. This form of ``gaming the system`` has created an un-even playing field for the
professionals and likely leading to major inefficiencies in the screening and selection of qualified candidates.

Across the industry, each company tries to tackle this challenge in their own way, by developing unique and highly
customized internal systems and processes by integrating HR systems, some industry standards fostered by professional
societies such as SPE, and staff resource management software. Whilst such internal customization may be appropriate for
staff development, deployment, and cost management, they remain limited in their scope & scale for broader industry-wide
application owing to lack of standardization. The impact of internal company-specific customization has led to major
fragmentation not only amongst the operators (majors versus independents) but also between the operators and service
providers. They speak a “different language” even when assessing the same thing such as professional disciplines &
skills. Further, this type of fragmentation has also severely limited the mobility of the professionals from one sector
to another, albeit within the same discipline category. Our industry suffers from such dislocation of professionals
where certain critical sectors of the industry experience severe shortages of qualified human capital even when there is

After extensive discussions and validation with the Hiring Managers, OilEnergyPro has developed a one-page
standardized visual resume with content most coveted by the decision-makers across the industry. Created digitally, it
can be searched and screened in seconds whilst enabling rapid comparison between candidates. We call it the Resume Info-Graphic Standard (RIGS); deployed across a digital platform it is also ideally suited to leverage AI and Machine

RIGS can be used to track the evolution of a professional's career over its life cycle whilst enabling benchmarking to
peers. It can be simulated to explore alternative career paths and training strategies. Hiring Managers and employers
can use it to build teams, manage resource allocation, and conduct fast, accurate, & flexible hiring.

As shown in the schematic below, the services provided by OilEnergyPro dynamically adjust to the needs and priorities
of a professional from the point of entering the job market to exiting it. Lastly, by integrating across the solution
space for professionals and employers, OilEnergyPro platform enables seamless access and deployment of skills for
mission-critical projects whilst minimizing cost.

The survival of the O&G industry in the near-term depends greatly on how well it harnesses and leverages the experience
& knowledge of seasoned professionals alongside better technology. The transition to (non-fossil fuel) Energy Industry
will be guided or led by the O&G Industry. OilEnergyPro's mission is fundamentally aligned with this transition


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