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“6 seconds is the average time spent reading a resume”

``The brutal truth is that resumes are essentially useless as a way for applicants to introduce and market themselves to prospective employers. And yet millions of job seekers continue to believe to the contrary, as evidenced by how many still spend most of their time applying for jobs online. They are not deterred by their lack of success, or the common sense conclusion that there is only a vanishingly small chance of winning any contest when hundreds or even thousands of others are competing for the same prize``

How It Works in 3 Easy Steps

Define Step: Define your targeted industry segments (operators / service providers) & hire types
Identify Step: Interrogate the identify pros that meet your strict qualification requirements
Select Step: Select the best pros that also meet your mobility & availability requirements

Define Step:
Target pros based on Industry Backgrounds and Hire Types including Contractors

Professional careers can be non-linear, leading to exposure & experince across multiple segments of the industry & employment types (shown right)

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Identify Step (part-1):
Biographical Requirements


Total industry experience (range)
Citizenship, Green-Card, Work Visa
Current Location
and more

Identify Step (part-2):
Experience According to
Professional Discipline(s)

Discover Professionals who are

Standardized Technical discipline categories included Subsurface, Facilities, Project Delivery, Well Delivery, Production Operations, and more
Non-Technical disciplines also inlcuded in RIGS, such as Commercial, Organaizational / Leadership, and Stakeholder Management
and more

Identify Step (part-3):
Experience According to Upstream Value-Chain Phases


A professional may be a `jack of all trades` or specialized with deep knowledge in Production Operations, for example. Value-chain phase concentration or diversification is a key criteria for candidate selection, as he or she will be expected to hit the ground running.

Identify Step (part-4):
Experience According to Operating Environment

Oil & Gas has been discovered in every conceivable operating environment. Each type may require different technology, capex/opex, operational systems, HSS&E. Professionals spend considerable amount of their career honing skills across such operating environments, that includes onshore, offshore shallow water, and offshore deepwater.

Identify Step (part-5):
Experience According to Geographic Locations & Subject-Matter Expertise

Experience in operating fields or executing projects across different geographies can be vital to the success of a company. Local laws, culture, logistics, HSS&E, local content, and stakeholder engagement can add considerable complexity & risk to operations.


Select Step:
Screen Pros against Availability, Mobility, Work-Style, Contract Type

Ranked professionals from the Identify Phase move through the final screening step specific to the job assignment location, mobility, & availability requirements, such as:

Assignment location (domestic / foreign)
Employment type (employee, contractor)
Contract type (remote, relocation, rotation)
Work Schedule (full-time, part-time)
Availability to start
and more

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