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Our proprietary technology creates a visual one-page resume, with standardized content most coveted by the hiring managers. We call this the RIGS, for Resume Info-Graphic Standard.


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Save time and costs
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OilEnergyPro features independent consultants as well as experts at the leading consulting, advisory, and engineering firms

Hiring managers can review professionals quickly and easily through our one-page Resume Info-Graphic Standard (RIGS). Identify top candidates in seconds!



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The walkthrough animations enable moving up the learning curve quickly. Beyond just receiving your standard one-page cv, you will be able to explore career path scenarios. But there is no one answer, only the additional knowledge that you will gain about the possibilities (Arfan Khan, Petroleum Engineering)
The Oilenergy approach forces a structure into the final resume product that does a much better job of quantifying experience and expertise. It’s also a better tool for characterizing individual strengths and interests – valuable to the employer and the employee – (Galen Treadgold, Geoscience)
Excellent one page CV that lets the individual showcase experience and skills in a clear concise way and gives the hiring manager a clear understanding of the individual without wading through pages and pages of data. (Dan Godfrey, Facilities & Project Engineering)

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